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The problem

Legal aid cuts and chronic underfunding have caused our criminal justice system to deteriorate. As a result, more and more people are being sent to prison who shouldn't be there. Even worse, the measures in place for rectifying mistakes simply aren't working - and this all comes at a steep human cost.

The solution

At the Centre for Criminal Appeals, we take the common sense approach that the first step in improving our justice system is to identify where things are going wrong. That’s why we work on appeal cases, investigating the facts to get to the real truth about guilt or innocence, or challenging unfair prison terms.
Our goal is to free innocent prisoners and reform the British criminal justice system so that the risks of miscarriages of justice and unfair sentences are minimised and any mistakes that do occur are corrected swiftly.


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Featured case

Freshwater Five

In 2010, skipper Jamie Green and his crew went out for a regular fishing trip on the Isle of Wight.

Yet it ultimately ended with them being arrested, tried and convicted for drug smuggling - with five family men receiving a total of 104 years in prison.

Help Jamie and others like him

Investigation by the Centre has now completely undermined the evidence used to convict them, uncovering serious law enforcement misconduct in the process.


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