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As this practice has a limited number of staff, we cannot assist everyone who seeks our help. We work on only a very small number of cases because we have to make sure we can spend enough time investigating and presenting each case to the Criminal Cases Review Commission and/or the Court of Appeal to achieve justice for the prisoners we do elect to represent.

We are a charity and only represent prisoners who are eligible for legal aid, when the assets and income of both the prisoner and any partner are taken into account. We do not work on cases for private fees.

We prioritise cases as follows:

Innocence Initiative

  • Prisoners (all genders) who maintain they are actually innocent of the crime(s) for which they have been convicted and have several years in prison left to serve at the time of writing to us.

Women's Justice Initiative

Women prisoners who are:

  • seeking to appeal their prison sentences for minor, non-violent offences
  • sentenced to a prison, when they should have been sentenced to a psychiatric facility
  • convicted of a crime that was in fact an accident or caused by natural causes
  • convicted of a crime where their actions can be proven to have been committed in self-defence, or in response to a history of abuse at the hands of the victim of the crime.

If your case does not fit into these categories, unfortunately we will not be able to help.

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