Miscarriages of Justice

Investigating on behalf of innocent prisoners

British justice is supposed to be the best in the world. But problems including police failings, bad forensic science and cuts to legal aid mean there are innocent men and women languishing in our prisons.

What's more, the system is totally ill-equipped to correct these miscarriages of justice. The public body tasked with reviewing potential wrongful conviction cases, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, has too few resources to get its job done properly. Worse still, just a third of applicants applying to the Commission have the help of a lawyer.

At the Centre, we believe this can and must change. We provide quality representation to innocent prisoners, uncovering the evidence that can get them released and back home to their families. Moreover, we aim to improve the effectiveness of our criminal justice system through using our clients' stories to make the case for reform and by setting legal precedents that will benefit everyone.

What we do

  • Boots on the ground investigation, such as interviewing witnesses and visiting crime scenes

  • Obtaining every scrap of documentation and analysing the whole case file

  • Arranging for experts to re-examine key forensic evidence

Help us investigate

The Legal Aid Agency won't fund the full cost of our in depth investigations


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