What We Do




We provide the people we represent with fierce advocates in their appeal cases.

We work on miscarriages of justice arising from the courts of England and Wales. We operate as both a charity and a law practice and so do not charge our clients for legal representation.

We also campaign and fight for open justice and increased accountability in our justice system.



We carefully select our cases to ensure they meet our intake criteria, and meticulously and thoroughly investigate new leads, fresh evidence and advanced forensic science testing.

Our investigations are 'boots on the ground', interviewing witnesses, taking statements and visiting the crime scene, to find the evidence needed to overturn wrongful convictions and unfair sentences.

We work on behalf of a small number of people, so that our work remains invested, innovative and bold.



We work with students, legal professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders to ensure our justice system learns from its mistakes.

We currently work with 9 Universities across England and Wales, whose student groups support us in working our cases under our supervision.

We are also supported by 5 law firms, who donate their pro bono hours to helping us screen cases. 

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Committed to Change

At the Centre for Criminal Appeals, we are always striving for excellence in our work. 

While our cases can take years to resolve, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to support our clients. 

Read about our past activities in our annual reports.