Roger Khan has been waiting for justice since he was arrested in November 2010. He was accused, with his nephew, of the attempted murder of his nephew’s brother-in-law. 

Roger maintains he had no knowledge of what his nephew planned to do the day that his brother-in-law was savagely beaten, and that he had simply helped his nephew with a long drive before being dropped off to go home. DNA of another person not prosecuted was found on the bar used in the beating.

Roger ended up without a lawyer at trial. He asked the trial judge to change solicitors when the firm that first picked up the case failed to secure CCTV footage of his alibi. The second firm also failed to do the same thing. When he again complained to the judge, he was told it was these lawyers or no lawyers - so he decided to go it alone.

He has been trying to clear his name for over three and a half years.

You can read more about Roger's case in the Spectator and the Guardian.


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I don’t want sympathy, I just want a chance to present the evidence. Just look at the DNA. I wasn’t there, so why am I here?
— Roger Khan