Righting wrongs faced by women prisoners

Women in prison are too often there because of systemic injustices within our criminal justice system.

The Centre’s new Women Justice Initiative uses impact litigation to challenge these injustices and help women experiencing multiple and severe disadvantage.

The Initiative aims to help:

  • women imprisoned for minor, non-violent offences

  • women sent to prison instead of being given the help they need at a psychiatric hospital

  • women imprisoned for crimes which were actually an act of self-defence against an abuser

  • innocent women prisoners, especially those whose ‘crime’ was in fact accidental or the result of natural causes.

The Initiative is generously supported by the Lankelly Chase Foundation, and is an expansion of the Centre’s previous Women’s Sentencing Project.

Custody as it exists today is disproportionately harsher for women than men.
Baroness Corston

Recruiting cases

If you know a woman in prison who we might be able to help, please get in touch. 

About two-thirds of exonerated women were wrongly convicted for incidents that never occurred
Alison Flowers

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